How much nicotinamide does it take to protect skin?

Nicotinamide is a very common skincare ingredient at present, it has the function of reducing pigmentation, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, and so on. With all the benefits of nicotinamide, isn’t the higher the concentration the better?

According to the current use situation, when the concentration of nicotinamide is less than 2%, its use effect is not ideal. The application concentration of nicotinamide in skin care products is generally 2%~5%, the concentration is too low to play its role, and the concentration is too high and will increase irritation, easy to make the skin itching, redness, and another intolerable phenomenon. The concentration of nicotinamide needs to be properly controlled to maximize its effect while minimizing damage to the skin.

For face cream, essence, lotion, body lotion, and other products we commonly use, nicotinamide is widely used, not only because of its efficacy, but also because of its production process mature and low price.

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