Can use nicotinamide to desalinate stain to play a role?

In the field of cosmetics, the conventional use of nicotinamide is mainly in the field of “whitening”, where it is used as an additive in cosmetics with whitening efficacy. The whitening effect of nicotinamide is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

Most people use sunscreen and other methods to avoid skin darkening. The skin only turns black when melanin deposits into keratinocytes and nicotinamide prevent melanin from settling in keratinocytes. About 40% of melanin precipitation is effectively blocked by nicotinamide.

Nicotinamide can provide sufficient energy for the skin, promote cell metabolism and collagen synthesis, improve cell activity, and metabolize melanin-containing cells.

Nicotinamide can synthesize epidermal protein on the skin surface, improve skin quality and replenish skin moisture. According to clinical research, skin care products containing nicotinamide can reduce the number and range of human skin stains more than those without nicotinamide. Long-term proper use can fade the stains and improve the beauty of the skin.

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