What help nicotinamide to improve the skin?

The addition of nicotinamide in skin care products is not strange to us. Nicotinamide, as a skincare ingredient with multiple functions, is of great help to oil control, moisturizing and whitening.

Nicotinamide can promote skin metabolism, and accelerate the shedding of melanocytes, because the molecular weight of nicotinamide is relatively small, so it can be directly absorbed by skin cells, which is helpful to promote the generation of collagen or prevent the deposition of melanin, but also effectively achieve the effect of whitening. Nicotinamide can also play a certain light spot, anti-aging effect, effectively reducing the face’s dark yellow, color spot machine pigment. For oily skin, the use of nicotinamide can play a role in controlling oil secretion, balancing water and oil, shrinking pores, and effectively improving skin quality.

Of course, one thing we need to pay attention to is that nicotinamide is very helpful for skin care, but when we choose to choose nicotinamide skin care products, especially for the first time, it is recommended to choose low-concentration nicotinamide to avoid skin irritation, especially sensitive skin, and observe whether there is the allergic reaction after use.

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