Why use nicotinamide to reduce skin inflammation?

Oil control is one of the various effects of nicotinamide, although the oil control effect of nicotinamide has been mentioned in many places, from the point of view of the published studies, the relevant research is very little, and the part explaining its principle is even less. We also mentioned this situation in the article on oil control before. Clinical experiments show that topical 2% nicotinamide has a certain effect on controlling oil secretion, but many clinical studies do not explain the mechanism and principle, so why? Studies have found that adding 2 percent to 5 percent nicotinamide, 1 percent to 5 percent farnesol, and phyttriol to your skin formula can greatly replenish your skin’s energy and prevent wrinkles.

The skin is the body’s first defense system, and once various types of acne appear on the skin, it is easy to develop secondary infections that further damage the inner skin tissue. Nicotinamide can participate in the body’s inflammatory response and reduce acne symptoms by reducing inflammation. Some studies have shown that 4% nicotinamide and 1% clindamycin are prepared for acne treatment experiments. Two months later, nicotinamide was found to improve acne symptoms and reduce skin inflammation and pimples more than clindamycin.

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