How to adapt the skin to nicotinamide use?

Nicotinamide is a skin care ingredient that is not recommended for sensitive skin because nicotinamide can cause intolerance symptoms and there is a risk of intolerance symptoms for normal skin. Therefore, it is not recommended for sensitive skin.

For the normal skin type of nicotinamide used for the first time, skin tolerance should be established first, can start from low concentration of nicotinamide, in the case of no abnormality and then gradually increase the concentration of use, and use to the skin can tolerate the concentration, so that nicotinamide can play a certain role in skin care. The higher the concentration of nicotinamide, the greater the irritation to the skin, so it is not suitable for sensitive skin, normal skin in the use of nicotinamide will also be recommended to start from a low concentration, so when using nicotinamide must pay attention to the tolerance of the skin.

Nicotinamide although can be used for normal skin, oily skin and dry skin, but it is not friendly to sensitive skin, prone to flush, stimulation, dry, peeling, tight, the symptom such as detonation blain, if use nicotinamide suggest let skin have a process to adapt to, when buy, can proper product after ear, observe whether there are abnormal, Normal skin use of nicotinamide also requires gradual adaptation from low to high concentrations.

In addition to sensitive skin, other skin can be used nicotinamide is generally able to play an ideal skin care effect, for dry skin, nicotinamide also has the role of repairing skin barrier, can effectively improve the skin’s ability to lock water; For oily skin, it can control oil and tighten pores.

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