Why is nicotinamide used in cosmetics?

Nicotinamide is widely used in cosmetics, and mainly can play a whitening, wrinkle resistance, and acne effect.

Nicotinamide can inhibit the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to protein cells, which is a kind of action on the already produced melanin, thereby reducing the precipitation of pigment, improving the color of the skin, and playing a whitening effect.

Acne and pimples are some of the more common skin problems, mainly is the skin inflammation, often use antibiotics to treat before, but after years of clinical trials and practical application, found that long-term use of antibiotics can make us become resistant, therefore, suggested that as far as possible avoid the use of antibiotics, use safer products as an alternative to antibiotics, Nicotinamide is a substance that can be obtained by the transformation of nicotinic acid, which can block the action of inflammatory mediators on cells, thereby inhibiting the proliferation of endothelial cells and alleviating skin inflammation.

Skin aging is not only related to age but also related to external factors such as pollution, radiation, and allergen, these factors can affect the function of skin cells, so as to accelerate the speed of aging skin, niacinamide, however on the neuron cells induced by oxidant autophagy damaged has a certain protective effect, inhibits cell oxidative stress reaction. Nicotinamide provides energy for skin cells, enhances the skin’s anti-wrinkle ability, increases skin smoothness, and slows down the rate of skin aging.

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