What are the advantages of nicotinamide widely used in skincare products?

Nicotinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is a skincare ingredient respected by many dermatologists. It is widely used in a variety of skin moisturizing, sunscreen, repair, and other beauty products, and nicotinamide is used more and more frequently.

Melanin, hemoglobin, and carotenoids are coloring matter, in our human body’s skin, melanin content and distribution of the key determines the color of our skin, we can find there is a lot of beautiful white product on the market, and nicotinamide, as one of the B vitamins, high safety, stable performance, not easily by acid, alkali or thermal damage, Its whitening effect is the main reason why we know nicotinamide, it can inhibit the formation of melanin, but also fade sunburn, color spots, etc., can play a role in whitening and brightening the skin.

Our control trial with 4% nicotinamide ointment and 1% clindamycin ointment found that nicotinamide was more effective than clindamycin in improving pubertal symptoms and reducing the number of inflammatory foci after 8 weeks, and we can use nicotinamide to alleviate skin problems such as acne.

In our daily life, our skin will be affected by external factors such as ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution, and internal factors of chronic aging of the skin, leading to skin aging, wrinkles, peeling, enlarged pores, etc. Adding 2% nicotinamide to moisturizer can effectively reduce or eliminate skin wrinkles, peeling, and enlarged pores caused by aging or external invasion, and make skin appear smoother and more uniform.

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