Why can nicotinamide be used when skin barrier is damaged?

Nicotinamide has multiple effects, not only on pellagra, tongue inflammation, stomatitis, and atrioventricular block can play a preventive role but also can be used in skincare products, playing the role of whitening and moisturizing, anti-aging pale spots.

Nicotinamide is a medicinal ingredient with high safety. It is also a basic vitamin supplement for the treatment of clinical skin diseases. It can be used to treat photosensitive dermatitis and acne. In recent years, studies have shown that nicotinamide has a good effect on inhibiting melanin pigmentation and anti-inflammatory.

Nicotinamide has the function of whitening skin. It can reduce the production and precipitation of melanin, block the transfer of melanin to surface cells, and accelerate cell metabolism and the shedding of melanin keratinocytes, playing an important role in the field of whitening.

Nicotinamide can greatly reduce or eliminate skin aging phenomena, such as wrinkles, peeling, and enlarged pores, reduce free radical damage to the skin, delay aging, repair the skin, and reduce facial dullness and yellowing.

For most of the skin barrier damage caused by improper or no care, especially excessive care, nicotinamide has a good repairing effect. It can reduce water loss in the skin, promote dermal microcirculation, increase keratin synthesis, and improve the level of free ceramide in the skin.

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