Why does nicotinamide stand out from all kinds of whitening ingredients?

Nicotinamide and niacin are both forms of vitamin B3, among which, nicotinamide is widely used in skincare products, medicine, feed, and other fields, on the one hand, because of its stable nature, not easy to change color and metamorphism, on the other hand, because it is involved in the process of energy metabolism.

Many ingredients can play the role of whitening in the skin care industry, but whether it is ascorbic acid, kojic acid, hydroquinone, or glycyrrhizin, most of them are unstable ingredients, some will be photodecomposed, some will be oxidized by air, but nicotinamide does not change color, does not deteriorate, easy to match, do not choose dosage form, loved by researchers.

The whitening effect of nicotinamide is a little special, it will not reduce the synthesis of melanin, but prevent the synthesis of melanin transfer to the cuticle, although nicotinamide is not the core of the whitening mechanism, but also very important, it is also refreshing to us.

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