Why to use nicotinamide whitening skin is not apparent?

Nicotinamide is a skin-care ingredient that has whitening and anti-aging properties. It can be used during the day and at night, but whether or not we use nicotinamide during the day, we should always protect ourselves from the sun.

Nicotinamide skin care effect is obvious, it can inhibit the production of melanin, promote metabolism, desalination has generated melanin, niacinamide also have strong antioxidant effect, prevent the occurrence of glycosylation reaction, reduce and prevent skin aging and color of skin dark heavy, and it can increase content of ceramide, repair the skin barrier, increased skin resistance, improve the ability of skin moisture, In addition, nicotinamide can also control oil secretion.

Nicotinamide is commonly used in skin care products such as creams and serums. It is also the main additive. It has no light sensitivity and can be used safely during the day. Because nicotinamide has no protection from the sun, we still need to use sunscreen during the day.

The effect of sunscreen is a layer of protective film formed on the skin, avoid ultraviolet harm the skin, if you don’t use sunscreen, ultraviolet rays can damage skin cells, activate tyrosinase, catalytic synthesis and secretion of melanin, the pigment cell metabolism after reach the surface of the skin melanin, make the skin to blacken, therefore, nicotinamide and sunscreen synergy, reduce internal skin melanin, Reduce the invasion of outer skin by ultraviolet rays, so as to quickly and effectively whiten skin.

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