What ingredients does nicotinamide work better with?

Nicotinamide and retinol are A very perfect match, nicotinamide effect is whitening, A-alcohol is also called retinol, the effect is anti-inflammatory, and the combination of the two has the effect of strengthening whitening, but it should be noted that A-alcohol has photosensitivity, should not be used in the day.

Nicotinamide and arbutin can be used together, there is no conflict between the two, their main role is to moisturize, whiten, brighten, and both are more effective when used together.

Nicotinamide can also be used with ceramide, ceramide and nicotinamide are safe, but role conflict, when used together, the two can complement each other, not only can whiten and brighten, but also can fill water, strengthen the skin barrier, improve skin tolerance, avoid skin allergy, dry, and problems such as acne, redness, inflammation can be at ease use.

Nicotinamide can also be used with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a mild moisturizing acid with a low concentration. You can use nicotinamide first and then hyaluronic acid.

However, nicotinamide should not be mixed with acidic substances, such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, etc., if mixed, it will change the pH of the skin, and nicotinamide will release a large amount of nicotinic acid, causing irritation to the skin. If you want to use both, it is recommended to use acid at night, nicotinamide during the day, or salicylic acid or fruit acid for 30 minutes before nicotinamide, staggered use to avoid skin damage.

Nicotinamide is also not suitable for use with VC. Nicotinamide can irritate the skin when used with high concentrations of VC. What is the appropriate concentration of nicotinamide stock solution? In fact, everyone’s tolerance to nicotinamide is different, and a small percentage of the skin will experience discomfort when using high concentrations of nicotinamide. The common concentration of nicotinamide stock solution is divided into 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% and other different concentrations. It is recommended that friends who have not used nicotinamide products start with the entry-level concentration of 2%, and slowly build skin tolerance to nicotinamide.

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