what skin type is nicotinamide not recommended for?

Nicotinamide is the metabolite of Vitamin B3, can also be said to be the derivative of Vitamin B3, say nicotinamide has a whitening effect, so does vitamin B3 have a whitening effect? There are! But it’s not as effective as nicotinamide, which works better on the face.

Nicotinamide is found in skin care products in the beautiful white effect, add nicotinamide protect skin to taste, no special circumstances, the nicotinamide no allergy or not sensitive skin, in general, mixed skin, oily skin, dry skin, for oily skin, niacinamide have the function of the whitening, oil control, shrink pores, for dry skin, Nicotinamide can whiten, repair and protect the skin barrier function.

The dullness and yellowing of human facial skin are mainly caused by glycation. Nicotinamide has the effect of anti-glycation. Skin care products containing nicotinamide can dilute the pigmentation of Chen Sheng after protein glycation, to play the role of de-yellowing. Nicotinamide anti-glycation reduces the effect of melanin generation, the deposition of stains, reduces the number and area of stains, and also has a small effect. When we get older and older, the body function is gradually weakened, and our facial protein synthesis will slow down, but nicotinamide can not only promote the skin’s metabolism, improve the ability to prevent, but also increase the moisture content in the skin cells, play a role in moisturizing and anti-aging.

Nicotinamide is a kind of can be added to skin care products or direct use of material, it has a very moist texture, add in the mask, essence, creams, lotions, bright skin water use, play a whitening effect, and can also directly daub on face after cleaning the face, in the first place when using nicotinamide, should be started to use, low concentration of nicotinamide increased concentration to normal gradually.

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