What effect can oily skin use nicotinamide achieve?

In recent years, nicotinamide-related skin care products emerge endlessly. So what exactly is nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide has a variety of skin care functions, it has the effect of improving and repairing the skin barrier, and when used in combination with other functional ingredients, can help nicotinamide to have a more stable effect. Nicotinamide has a regulating effect on skin oil secretion, which can achieve the purpose of oil control skin care. Therefore, skin care products based on nicotinamide can be used for oily skin to obtain a cleaner skin texture.

Nicotinamide can also play a role in promoting the synthesis of skin collagen, and when used with anti-aging skin care products, skincare efficiency is higher.

Skin whitening is the reason most of us know niacinamide. Unlike other whitening ingredients, nicotinamide does not directly affect melanin production but rather intercepts melanin transport in the middle.

When melanin is produced in the deeper layers of the skin, it is transported to the surface of the skin and deposited in the stratum corneum, causing changes in skin color. Nicotinamide will directly cut off the transport pathway of melanin, prevent them from accumulating on the surface, and the skin will not become black again, the use of the principle of skin irritation is relatively small.

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