What are the pitfalls of using nicotinamide?

Beautiful men and women should not be unfamiliar with nicotinamide, its skin care effect can be many, but how much do we know about its use? Let’s look at some myths about nicotinamide.

Does nicotinamide need to be used in the dark? Nicotinamide itself can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin and improve uneven skin color. We do not need to avoid light when using nicotinamide, and nicotinamide can also help reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin to a certain extent. Therefore, there is no need to struggle with whether to use it during the day or at night.

What should we pay attention to when using nicotinamide? Started using nicotinamide, should first establish tolerance, we can in the ear side or inner wrist area such as a small amount daub, observe the skin of nicotinamide acceptance, this is because the nicotinamide contains a small amount of niacin, easy to cause the phenomenon of intolerance, such as skin redness, stabbing pain, serious word will appear desquamate allergy symptoms, After encountering this kind of allergic phenomenon, the use should be stopped immediately, so as not to stimulate the skin and aggravate the injury.

Although nicotinamide has a good skin care effect, but its “role” is still auxiliary, therefore, products containing nicotinamide in other formulations are strictly controlled, can not be arbitrarily combined to affect the effect. When using skin care products containing nicotinamide, it is recommended to choose the same brand of skin care products as far as possible, do not recommend mixing with other brands, so as not to affect the effect of nicotinamide, at the same time, also need to avoid using skin care products containing acid or cosmetics together, so as not to aggravate the skin irritation.

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