Can pregnant women use caffeic acid?

Caffeic acid is a relatively high safety factor of the composition, not only can be used in the medical field, but also in cosmetics, skin care products as antioxidant and PH regulator, even pregnant women use, there is no adverse effects, and the substance does not cause acnes.

Caffeic acid has a wide range of antiviral and antibacterial activities. Generally speaking, caffeic acid has a better effect when used in vitro. It can inhibit adenovirus and parainfluenza.

Caffeic acid has strong antioxidant and spectral properties, which can inhibit the formation of lipid peroxides.

The decrease or loss of agglutinin in our skin layer may be the main cause of dry skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, and caffeic acid is a substance that promotes agglutinin production, promoting anti-inflammatory effects and relieving dry skin diseases.

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