How to prepare 4-vinylphenol from biomass materials?

A compound found naturally in peanuts, coffee and wild rice, 4-vinylphenol is a white solid with a medicinal taste. The molecular structure of 4-vinylphenol contains vinyl double bonds, so it is often used to synthesize poly4-vinylphenol polymers and resins. Diluted 4-vinylphenol has a sweet taste and can also be used in seafood and meat flavor formulations.

The preparation of 4-vinylphenol can be carried out in anoxic or anaerobic environment. Biomass materials containing lignin and cellulose are used as raw materials for pyrolysis reaction at 200℃ ~ 500℃. The decomposed gas is collected by heating, and 4-vinylphenol can be obtained after condensation of pyrolysis gas.

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