What raw materials are needed to prepare 4-vinylphenol?

4-vinylphenol is a naturally occurring compound found in corn, coffee, and wild rice. It looks solid and white and has a pharmaceutical odor. In its molecular structure, 4-vinylphenol contains a vinyl double bond, As a result, 4-vinylphenol can be used to synthesize poly4-vinylphenol polymers and resins. In addition, 4-vinylphenol has a sweet smell when diluted, so it can be used in seafood, meat flavoring.

The process of preparing 4-vinylphenol seems to be relatively simple. It needs to be carried out in an oxygen-deficient or oxygen-free environment. The biomass material rich in lignin and cellulose is used as raw material and pyrolyzed at 200℃ ~ 500℃ to collect pyrolysis gas.

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