How much is the general price of nicotinamide essence?

Nicotinamide has multiple skin care effects, therefore, there are a lot of essences that will add nicotinamide, the price of nicotinamide essence is mainly related to its brand, ingredients, concentration, specifications, and other factors, generally ranging from 40 to 50 yuan to several hundred yuan a bottle, the main selection of products to look at the concentration of nicotinamide, purity, other ingredients, and brand.

In nicotinamide essence, nicotinamide concentration is not the higher the better, its whitening effect is not proportional to the content of nicotinamide, if the concentration is too high, may lead to skin intolerance, and reduce skin protection ability. Generally speaking, the concentration of nicotinamide in the essence is maintained at about 3%-5%.

However, the higher the purity of nicotinamide, the better. Low-purity nicotinamide skin care products may cause certain damage to the skin, especially for people with sensitive skin. The purity of nicotinamide mainly depends on the production process.

With nicotinamide, the essence of the ingredients is not necessarily the more expensive the better, but the requirements and nicotinamide ingredients do not conflict, through the use of collocation can increase the skin care effect.

The brand choice of nicotinamide essence is also very important, not all brands of nicotinamide essence are good, some products contain more impurities, and will cause damage to the skin, so it is recommended that we try to choose the major manufacturers of nicotinamide essence.

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