Hydroxytyrosol Cas 10597-60-1


Hydroxytyrosol is a powerful antioxidant that has been part of the diet of populations from the Mediterranean Basin for millennia. In recent years, the traditional Mediterranean diet has received an increasing amount of attention for its protective effects against heart disease, certain cancers, skin ailments and a good number of today’s stress and ageing related health problems. That protective function comes in large part from the antioxidant polyphenols at the basis of this kind of diet.

Basic Information

  • Synonym:3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol3-Hydroxytyrosol
    IUPAC name: 4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-benzene-1,2-diol
    CAS No.:10597-60-1
    Formula: C8H10O3
    Molecular Weight:154.17
    Appearance:Clear, faint yellow to light green liquid,


  • Excellent antioxidize effect
  • Benefits for bone growth and function, enhances the body’s absorption of minerals, and maintains bone density
  • A certain anti-cancer effect
  • For cardiovascular drug development
  • Promotes metabolism and wound healing, improves endocrine


  • Health care products- enhance skin elasticity, make it moist with anti-winkle and anti-aging effect
  • Prevents oxidative damage and mitochondrial dysfunction of retinal pigment epithelial cells caused by acrolein
  • Natural preservative
  • Cosmetics- reduces UV damage to the skin and delays skin aging
  • Meal addition, energy bars, functional drinks

Specifications Sheet

Product name Article Number Standard Specification
Hydroxytyrosol VBL-NP-001 99% Min by HPLC G~KG
20% Min by HPLC G~KG
10% Min by HPLC G~KG

Shipping & Storage

Product name Article number Specifications Packaging form
Hydroxytyrosol oil VBL-NP-001 1KG/bottle Aluminum bottle
Hydroxytyrosol  Powder 25KG/Cardboard barrel Cardboard barrel

Quality & Certifications

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