Cosmetic Grade Nicotinamide


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Application mechanism of cosmetic grade nicotinamide
1.prevent melanin precipitation to keratinocytes
When melanin precipitation to cutin cell can make the skin to blacken, cosmetic grade nicotinamide in the melanin to play its role in the process of precipitation, prevent melanin from melanocytes precipitation to the cutin cell, can reduce the amount of human body skin spots, scope, etc., the long-term right amount with cosmetic grade nicotinamide to protect skin to taste, can promote the uneven color fade, Improve skin condition.
2. Promote the metabolism of melanin cells
Human skin usually produces new cells, fat and protein, synthesizing DNA and collagen after absorbing enough energy to maintain normal operation of physiological functions. Therefore, when the skin fails to absorb enough energy, there will be aging, slow metabolism, skin water shortage, uneven cutin, dark complexion and other problems. Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can provide sufficient energy for the skin, promote cell metabolism, promote the synthesis of collagen, improve cell activity function, prevent skin water shortage, uneven keratin, avoid melanin precipitation, and promote the metabolism of melanin cells.
3. Improve skin synthesis of epidermal protein
Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can synthesize epidermal protein on the skin surface, improve skin texture, replenish skin moisture and so on.

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