Caffeic Acid


Basic Information

Coffeic acid,also known as 3,4-dihydroxycinnamic acid,is an organic acid that is slightly soluble in cold water and hot water and ethanol.The concentrated aqueous solution has a yellow crystal appearance,which turns orange when it encounters alkaline solution.The dilute aqueous solution of coffeic acid is monohydrate,and coffeic acid has conjugated double bonds on the side face of the molecular structure. In ultraviolet light shows fluorescence,mostly blue fluorescence.Caffeic acid naturally exists in traditional Chinese medicine plants such as honeysuckle,vegetable thistle,artemisia annua,lemon peel,cohosh root,valerian root,etc.This component can play a variety of pharmacological effects,such as anti-cancer,anti-virus,anti-oxidation,immune regulation,cardiovascular protection,etc.

Industrially, caffeic acid can be obtained in many ways,such as we can to get it by the method of plant extract,will cohosh rhizomes are used as raw materials extracted by methanol, then take out again after decompression enrichment methanol,residual heat water to dissolve,and strike will insolubles filter,after being cooled after extraction with benzene, Benzene solution is washed with 1% sodium bicarbonate aqueous solution,and then the washing solution is collected.After adding dilute hydrochloric acid for acidification,benzene is used to free the organic acid,and finally decompression,concentration and benzene removal can get caffeic acid enriched products.Of course,we can also hydrolyze chlorogenic acid and get caffeic acid.

Caffeic acid is mainly used in medicine,health care products, cosmetics and other products.In the medical field,caffeic acid can be used clinically to prevent and treat various surgical and medical bleeding symptoms,especially for gynecological bleeding diseases.It has certain therapeutic effect on primary thrombocytopenia,dysleucopenia,leukopenia caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy for tumor diseases and other reasons.In the cosmetics industry,caffeic acid has excellent antiviral activity,bacteriostasis,inhibition of melanin generation and other characteristics,can be used in whitening cosmetics, can also be used as additives in oxidized hair dyes,used to provide color strength.



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