L-2-Aminobutyric Acid


Basic Information

L-2-aminobutyric acid, we can also call it L-(+) -2-aminobutyric acid, L- α -n-aminobutyric acid, A- aminobutyric acid. It is A white, sour crystalline or crystalline powder, which is difficult to dissolve in water and insoluble in alcohols. As an important pharmaceutical intermediate and chemical raw material, L-2-aminobutyric acid is usually used in drug synthesis and chemical product synthesis.

It is known that L-2-aminobutyric acid, as a natural amino acid, can play a role in inhibiting neural information transmission in human body. L-2-aminobutyric acid can also be utilized by non-ribosomal peptide synthase as a non-proteinogen α amino acid. In practical application of L-2-aminobutyric acid, it can be used as an important chiral intermediate for the preparation of various chiral drugs, as an important raw material for the synthesis of new antiepileptic drug levetiracetam, and as a key chiral precursor for the synthesis of bacteriostatic and anti-tuberculosis drug ethambutol hydrochloride. Thus, L-2-Aminobutyric acid plays a very important and excellent role in the medical field.



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