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L-tyrosine is a very important nutritional essential amino acid for humans and animals,playing an important role in metabolism, growth and development.This substance is commonly seen in medicine,feed,food,chemical industry and other fields,especially in phenylketonuria patients,for whom it is a nutritional supplement In the field of medicine and chemical industry,L-tyrosine can also be used as raw materials to prepare antibiotics, peptide hormones,L-dopamine, p-hydroxystyrene, p-hydroxycinnamic acid and so on.

Earlier in the production of L – tyrosine is obtained by protein hydrolysis,but this method is getting the raw material is restricted, and the process is complex,long production period,the content is low,therefore,cannot adapt to mass production,has been phased out,there is L – tyrosine preparation methods of common microbial reforming process,microorganism fermentation and chemical synthesis,The final l-tyrosine content is high,but also can adapt to industrial production,chemical synthesis method,in the process is more complex.



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