cosmetic grade nicotinamide


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Functional application of cosmetic grade nicotinamide
1. prevent skin wrinkling and promote moisture
As the growth of the age, skin aging will gradually appear, especially in today’s society environment worsening, vulnerable to external environment, such as ultraviolet radiation, dry weather, irritants and allergens and all kinds of environmental pollution and so on, accelerate the internal aging skin, reduce skin cell function, thus the skin wrinkles, aging, pore bulky, peeling phenomenon, etc. The use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide skin care products can properly improve the skin due to external stimulation caused by adverse reactions, replenish the energy of skin cells, increase the anti-wrinkle ability of skin, slow down the speed of skin aging, promote smooth and even skin.
2. Improve the function of removing acne
Skin is the first defense system of our body, once the skin appears all kinds of acne, but also prone to infection, inflammation, further damage to the internal skin tissue. Traditional medical treatment is mainly to use antibiotics to treat acne, acne and other skin conditions, although good results can be obtained, but this method is not suitable for long-term use, easy to produce drug resistance. And cosmetic grade niacinamide, though not a can directly eliminate smallpox, but it can improve the skin acne removing function, because the cosmetic grade nicotinamide has anti-inflammatory properties and can participate in the inflammatory response, to help the skin through anti-inflammatory acne, improve the symptoms of acne, reduce skin inflammation, acne, so as to achieve the effect.
3.promote blood circulation of hair follicles
Because of the increasingly tense life and heavy mental work, make a lot of people appear hair loss, hair follicles, common problems such as congestion, from a medical point of view, the scalp blood circulation or wool bursa jams, etc., can cause a lot of dirt deposition, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can not only improve and enhance our state of the skin, also in promoting human body hair has obvious advantage on the function, This is mainly due to the characteristics of the cosmetic grade nicotinamide itself. Our body contains niacin, which can be used to promote human blood circulation and dilate blood vessels, while nicotinamide can be converted with niacin in the human body to promote scalp blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.


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