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4 – Vinylphenol naturally in wild rice, strawberries,apples,raspberries,coffee,corn,mushrooms,medicinal herb spreading hedyotis herb plants,is also available through the wine lactic acid bacteria on coumaric acid and ferulic acid metabolites,The substance has a meaty, musty smell,if it will be diluted,it will become sweet.

4-vinylphenol is often used in the preparation of flavors and fragrances.It is widely used in confectionery,meat products,beverages,baked goods and other foods.In fact,many people only use 4-vinylphenol in flavor,but they don’t know that 4-vinylphenol also plays an important role in the medical industry.It can inhibit blood vessel formation and invasive breast tumor growth by inducing apoptosis.Therefore,4-vinylphenol can also play an anti-tumor role.



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