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Hydroxytyrosol,also known as 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol,it is usually found in olive branches,leaves and fruits in the form of lipids.Hydroxytyrosol not only has strong antioxidant activity,but also has anti-inflammatory,anti-thrombotic,anti-atherosclerosis and anti-tumor effects.This substance is widely used in medicine,health care products,skin care products and other fields.

Compared with similar cardiovascular drugs,hydroxytyrosol has a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of cerebral hemorrhage,heart disease,arteriosclerosis,hypertension and other diseases.

Because hydroxytyrosol has such strong antioxidant activity and is safe and effective,it can be used in health products and skin care products to help increase elasticity and glossiness of the skin,as well as fight wrinkles and prevent aging.

Hydroxytyrosol helps increase the absorption of the mineral in the body, which naturally reduces health problems associated with loose bones,promotes wound healing,eliminates free radicals,and keeps the body healthy and active.

In addition,hydroxytyrosol can help prevent and treat cancer such as uterine cancer,lung cancer and breast cancer.


It can be used in the synthesis of cardiovascular drugs and as a safe and efficient antioxidant.


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