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In recent years, the cosmetics containing nicotinamide are successfully win the favour of consumers in the market, must also be in cosmetics level application of nicotinamide, this is a dedicated to cosmetics, skin care products in the field of composition, production technology mature and the price not only attractive, and efficacy is numerous, can solve a variety of common skin problems.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can reduce skin pigmentation. Cosmetic grade nicotinamide acts during melanin deposition, preventing melanin from settling from melanocytes into keratinocytes. Studies have found that cosmetic grade nicotinamide can effectively reduce melanin precipitation, and promote the color of spots fade, improve skin conditions.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, promote the synthesis of collagen, improve cell activity function, promote the metabolism of keratinocytes containing melanin, reduce melanin deposition in the epidermis.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can promote the synthesis of epidermal protein, enhance the resistance of skin, improve skin texture, replenish skin moisture. The use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide can reduce the loss of moisture through the skin, reduce sebum secretion, enhance the barrier function of the skin, enhance the adhesion of the cuticle, increase the thickness of the cuticle, improve the maturity of the cuticle, play a role in moisturizing and improving the skin barrier function.

As an antioxidant, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can effectively prevent cells and cell membranes from free radical damage, eliminate superoxide anion free radicals that play a role in inflammation, and play a local anti-inflammatory effect.


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