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3%~5% is the amount of cosmetic grade nicotinamide added in cosmetics and skin care products. This ingredient has no significant irritation, sensitization and photosensitivity to the skin. Under normal circumstances, it can be used for a long time. Lower than 3%, it is usually cosmetic grade nicotinamide cannot play its role, while higher than 5%, it will increase the irritation of the use of the product, most people’s skin can not withstand high concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, then, it is prone to intolerance.

We use cosmetic grade nicotinamide with other skin care ingredients like retinol and VC.

Retinol is A form of vitamin A that is converted into retinoic acid during skin care, which promotes skin cell growth and regeneration, slows collagen breakdown, reduces wrinkles, controls oil production, and treats acne. Combined with cosmetic grade nicotinamide, it is a very recommended combination, especially for oily skin, both have the effect of regulating sebum secretion, and retinol can accelerate epidermal renewal, also has a good effect on tightening pores.

The combination of VC and cosmetic grade nicotinamide is also a recommended combination. In the selection of VC, VC prototype (ascorbic acid) should be avoided, and various VC derivatives with neutral PH value can be selected, such as vitamin C magnesium phosphate, vitamin C sodium phosphate, esterified C, etc., so as not to conflict with each other.

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