Cosmetic Grade Nicotinamide


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Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is the main ingredient that can play a role in cosmetics. It has the functions of moisturizing, whitening, yellowing, fading spots, anti-wrinkle, shrinking pores and so on, and can help people solve common skin problems.

Whitening: cosmetic grade nicotinamide by blocking the communication between melanin and keratinocytes to inhibit the generation of melanin, by speeding up the metabolism of melanin keratinocytes, can have a reduced role in the generation of melanin, that is to say, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can play a certain yellow, light spot role.

Repair skin: Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can promote protein synthesis of the epidermis layer of our skin, improve the skin’s defense ability, in addition, can also play a certain role in alleviating the irritation of some surfactants on the skin.

Containment: some people, because life stress, irregular diet, or the wrong skin care methods, cause skin give oil, acne, pore bulky, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can solve the problem of facial imbalances in the oil and water, reduce the production of triglycerides and fatty acid in the skin, can achieve the result of containment, boost skin luster.

Moisturizing: Our skin will be aging with the growth of age, cosmetic grade nicotinamide through deep water lock, efficient moisturizing methods, to protect the skin. Prevent drying.


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