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Niacinamide,also called nicotinamide,vitamin B3 or vitamin PP,it is the transformed niacin,compared with niacin,nicotinamide using security is higher,no side effects,in fact,nicotinamide is a water-soluble vitamin,appearance for white acicular clean or crystalline powder,slightly bitter taste,with little can dissolve in water, ethanol,glycerol,But it doesn’t dissolve in diethyl ether.We can find nicotinamide in grain skins,meat,milk,green leafy vegetables and yeast in nature. The human body can also have the synthesis of nicotinic acid into nicotinamide by Escherichia coli in the intestinal tract.

We use nicotinamide mainly because it has a variety of functional active ingredients,and when applied to skin care products,it can have a variety of effects on the skin.The whitening effect of nicotinamide is one of the most well known effects.Nicotinamide can inhibit the transfer of melanocytes to keratinocytes,so that cell proliferation or tyrosinase activity is not inhibited,thus reducing the production of melanin.

The application of nicotinamide for thick pores,greasy skin is simply a savior, not only can effectively reduce pores tight skin,but also play an oil control effect,by reducing the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in sebum to achieve the purpose of controlling oil secretion.

We will use nicotinamide in the local skin,can effectively improve the level of ceramide in the skin,stimulate the dermis microcirculation,in order to keep the skin moist,in addition,nicotinamide can also alleviate the skin irritation due to solvent or surface activity,accelerate the differentiation of protein cells.



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It needs to avoid light, heat, moisture, sealed in 2℃~8℃ low temperature environment, away from fire source, heat source, and oxidizer separate storage and transportation.

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