Tyramine is a kind of natural trace amine common in animals and plants. It belongs to amine organic matter and is also a catecholamine releasing reagent. It can be formed naturally in the process of food aging or protein decomposition, and can also be obtained through artificial synthesis. Tyramine is mainly used in the medical field to contract the uterus, shrink peripheral nerves and increase blood pressure. In addition, it can also be used as organic synthetic raw materials, food additives, feed additives and so on.


Properties: Yellow to brown crystal

Solubility: soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in water, benzene, xylene

Basic Information

Product Name: tyramine

Aliases: p-hydroxyphenylethylamine; 4-hydroxyphenylethylamine; The phenol

CAS NO.: 51-67-2

EINECS NO. : 200-115-8

MDL NO.: MFCD00008193

Molecular formula: C8H11NO

Molecular weight: 137.18

Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Brand: Viablife

Item NO.: VBL – NP – 057

Grade: Industrial grade

Content: > 99%

Source: Present in aromatic tobacco leaves

Melting point: 160℃~ 162℃

Boiling point: 275.1±23.0℃

Flash: 141.3±13.3℃

Density: 1.1±0.1g /cm3

Water soluble: 1g/95mL(15℃)

Vapor pressure: 0.0± 0.6mmHg at 25℃

Refractive index: 1.600



Uses: used as pharmaceutical intermediates, organic synthetic raw materials, food additives, feed additives, etc


Specifications Sheet

Specification: kg ~ ton


Shipping & Storage

Storage method: Charge nitrogen and keep it sealed away from light

Safety information

Dangerous goods mark: Xi

Danger Class Code: 36/37/38

Safety Instructions: 26-36-37/39

WGK Germany: 3

RTECS number: SJ5950000

F: 10-23

Customs code: 29214990

HazardousSubstance Data: 51-67-2(HazardousSubstancesData)

Toxicity: LD50intracervicalinmouse: 30 mg/kg

Quality & Certifications

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