What are the advantages of the production of 3, 5-dihydroxypentylene?

3, 5-dihydroxypentyl benzene is an important pharmaceutical intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry. In the past, we often got 3, 5-dihydroxypentyl benzene by degrading lichen and extracting lichenic acid, but the yield was very low. After years of research, in the 1980s, It was discovered that 3, 5-dihydroxypentyl benzene had good inhibition of immune system diseases. Therefore, it was widely used in medicine.

It is realized that 3, 5-dihydroxypentyl benzene is a substance with various bioactivities and can be used in combination with some anti-immunocompromised drugs to alleviate immunodeficiency and other diseases.

3, 5-dihydroxypentyl benzene is in high demand in the pharmaceutical market at home and abroad, and its preparation methods are increasing increasingly. In technology, yield, utilization rate, cost, and other aspects have been improved, through the scientific and green production process, which can not only achieve large-scale production but also avoid or reduce environmental pollution.

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