What are the outstanding properties of hydroxytyrosol?

Hydroxytyrosol is a polyphenolic compound found in the form of esterification in olive fruits and leaves, which has strong antioxidant activity. The molecular structure of hydroxytyrosol is the same as that of other phenolic substances. It not only contains phenolic hydroxyl, but also has an alcohol hydroxyl on the ethanol chain connected with the benzene ring. Its molecular structure is closely related to antioxidant activity.

Hydroxytyrosol, as an antioxidant, is very easy to be absorbed and used by the body. It can not only inhibit the production of free radicals, but also remove free radicals, thus preventing the participation of free radicals in the body. Because hydroxytyrosol effectively blocks oxidative DNA damage in HEK-293 cells, it plays an important protective role in cell damage caused by hydrogen peroxide.

In the process of using hydroxytyrosol, we can find that it is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, daily chemicals and other fields, playing different roles in skin care, anti-aging and other fields.

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