Can cosmetic grade Nicotinamide protect our skin?

Why is cosmetic grade nicotinamide a natural skin barrier?

For cosmetic grade nicotinamide such praise is not refer to, it is called, level cosmetics niacinamide for our skin damaged cells have repair effect, mainly through the way of external use, due to the cosmetic grade nicotinamide is small molecules, easily absorbed by the cells, therefore, can effectively promote the skin epidermis layer of protein synthesis, This plays a very important role in improving the defense ability of the skin. In addition, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can also reduce the stimulation of some surfactants on the skin, so it seems that the barrier effect of cosmetic grade nicotinamide can indeed be reflected.

The strength of the cosmetic grade niacinamide, can be seen from our daily skin care products, such as we often use lotion, cleansing milk, essence, cream, mask, and other products, many are added grade cosmetics niacinamide, through the use of cosmetics level nicotinamide universality can also see that the strength of the cosmetic grade nicotinamide how reliable!

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