What types of drugs can protocatechuic acid be used to produce?

Protocatechuic acid is a very simple phenolic substance, widely existing in nature. It is the main phenolic metabolite of anthocyanins and other plant polyphenols, and also a secondary active product of polyphenols produced in the body. What effect does protocatechuic acid have? It mainly has good anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial effects and can be used in medical, feed, and other fields.

Protocatechuic acid, as a key raw material in the field of medicine, is used in the production of cotinine Ⅱ, erlotinib, Itopride hydrochloride, Miperine hydrochloride, Imichin and other drugs, which are mainly related to gastrointestinal, anesthesia, respiratory system, antitumor and so on.

The application of protocatechuic acid in the field of feed, especially in high-fat feed products, can avoid the interference of high-fat on intestinal micro ecological environment, reduce the metabolic burden and liver damage, strengthen other nutrients in feed, and improve the immunity of livestock and poultry.

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