What diseases does protocatechuic acid have therapeutic effect?

What is protocatechuic acid? Which industries do they usually appear in? It is reported that protocatechuic acid belongs to phenolic acid compounds, and is a relatively simple phenolic acid, it is naturally found in nuts, fruits, vegetables, tea, brown rice, hibiscus, pecans, and other foods as well as some Chinese herbs. Protocatechuic acid is a white to brown crystalline powder with the molecular formula C7H6O4, molecular weight 154.12, CAS number 99-50-3, and EINECS number 202-760-0.

Protocatechuic acid is a precursor to the synthesis of a variety of complex molecules. For example, protocatechuic acid can be used to synthesize vanillin and anthocyanin 3-o-β-D-glucoside. Because protocatechuic acid can play different biological activities on different molecular targets, mainly can play antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and potential chemical protective effects, and can inhibit chemical carcinogens, apoptosis, and proliferation, therefore, protocatechuic acid in the medical field can be used to treat acute pancreatitis, acute pyelonephritis, bacillary dysentery, burns, pediatric pneumonia, and some cankers.

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