What are the characteristics of protocatechuic acid on the market?

Protocatechuic acid is a kind of phenolic acid, which exists naturally in various fruits and vegetables. It is also an effective active ingredient in many traditional Chinese medicines, such as hibiscus and salvia miltiorrhiza. However, most people do not know about protocatechuic acid. Interested friends can also contact Hangzhou Viablife Biotech Co., Ltd. for more detailed product information, quotations, etc.

The molecular formula of protocatechuic acid is C7H6O4, molecular weight is 154.12, and CAS number is 99-50-3. Currently, the appearance of protocatechuic acid on the market is usually white to brown crystalline powder, and its color will change when exposed to air. It is soluble in hot water, ethanol, and ether, slightly soluble in cold water, and insoluble in benzene. If it is dissolved in boiling water, carbon dioxide will be released, and the protocatechuic acid will appear blue-green when it meets an aqueous solution of ferric chloride.

Protocatechuic acid can play a variety of effects, including analgesic, antibacterial, reduce oxygen consumption, anti-platelet aggregation, slowed heart rate, improve myocardial oxygen tolerance, nerve protection, anti-tumor, antioxidant, and other effects. When storing protocatechuic acid, it should be sealed and kept in a cool, dry place away from light.

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