What should we pay attention to when purchasing cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Toner, face cream, cleanser, in essence, body lotion etc. Skin care products have a lot of added use cosmetics level niacinamide, in these products, dozens of yuan, thousands of yuan, the products might be to add cosmetic grade nicotinamide, main ingredients can play a number of roles, such as whitening, oil control, moisturizing, anti-aging, light spot, repair, etc., It almost meets our need to use skin care products.

Cosmetics level nicotinamide in many skin care ingredients, it is one of the very high use value, it is cheap, easy to obtain, process, production factory, high quality, relative to some high-priced plant extracts, its superiority is quite obvious, but the purchase cosmetics niacinamide, should pay attention to the manufacturer’s qualification, production line, check the product quality, And consumers to buy skin care products containing cosmetic grade nicotinamide time, you need to skin test, a small number of people using cosmetics level nicotinamide may cause skin redness, intolerance phenomenon such as dry, itchy, probably because the skin itself is more sensitive, may also be a cosmetic grade of high concentrations of nicotinamide can pass some methods to adapt to, For example, begin to use from low concentration, gradually increase concentration until normal, can be used normally.

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