What is the main purpose of nicotinamide in which skin care products?

Because local externally use nicotinamide to help improve the level of free fats and regulatory side in the skin, stimulate the microcirculation of the cortex, and prevent moisture from being lost from the skin. It can be seen that the daily use of nicotinamide skin care products can play a moisturizing role!

Nicotinamide can not only promote metabolism, but also promote the synthesis of protein, and accelerate the cell differentiation of keratin. It can also alleviate the stimulation of the surface active agent to the skin. Therefore To reduce the stimulation of other ingredients in the product.

Nicotinamide has very good help to aging, which can effectively reduce the dark yellow, pigments, and pigmentation of the face. It also has a very good effect on diluting melasma. For oily skin, using nicotinamide, can control the secretion of oil or balance water and oil, reduce pores, and even have a certain effect on acne.

The use of nicotinamide with glycerin will have a better moisturizing effect, which can also significantly relieve skin drying symptoms, keep the skin moisturizing, and the cost of nicotinamide is low and safe. Therefore, it is an important raw material for many skin care products.

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