What application recommendations do nicotinamide suppliers have?

Nicotinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3, which is also recognized as an anti-aging component in the field of cosmetic skin. In recent years, nicotinamide has been paid more and more attention. As we grow older, the skin may appear dull, wrinkles, spots, and other problems, topical nicotinamide can improve these common skin problems, nicotinamide is suitable for dry skin, mixed skin, oily skin, etc., and the correct use can improve the skin.

Nicotinamide can alleviate and prevent the dullness and yellowing that occur during early skin aging. Nicotinamide works by regulating the balance of NADH and NADPH levels in the body. Nicotinamide increases NADPH to exert its anti-glycosylation effect, thereby reducing skin yellowing and improving skin quality.

Nicotinamide can not only repair the damaged cuticle lipid barrier, and improve skin resistance, but also has a deep water-locking effect, and can play a role in the skin’s moisture. We use nicotinamide to control oil and tighten pores. It reduces the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in sebum, thereby narrowing pores and preventing acne.

Ceramide is an important component of the skin barrier. Nicotinamide enhances the function of the skin barrier by increasing the content of ceramide in the stratum corneum and reducing water loss in the stratum corneum.

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