How to resolve intolerance to nicotinamide?

Many cosmetic consumers will worry about the use of nicotinamide after skin peeling, itching, redness, and other allergic symptoms, for this allergic phenomenon, usually called the intolerance to nicotinamide, nicotinamide purity, processing technology, product formulation, and other factors may cause intolerance.

What if we develop intolerance after using nicotinamide skin care products?

Nicotinamide skin care products have a certain probability of intolerance, of course, it is suitable for the vast majority of consumers, but only a small number of people will be affected. For a few methods of dealing with consumer skin intolerance, suggest that there are two ways to try, one way is to reduce the use of nicotinamide concentration, for example, will contain nicotinamide protects skin to taste with the emulsion used together, which can decrease the concentration of, after being adept to the skin, can increase concentration, until the normal use contain nicotinamide skin care products, The second is to shorten the use time of nicotinamide skin care products on the skin. After the skin ADAPTS, the use time can be gradually extended to normal.

Knowing the above methods, will you still be bothered by the use of nicotinamide product intolerance?

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