How should sensitive skin use nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide has a variety of skincare benefits, therefore, the use of nicotinamide in personal care products is gradually accepted by more and more people, and is also used by various skincare brands in the formulation of products.

With the continuous development of the chemical industry and endless exploration in humans, nicotinamide may also have more, newer, better functions to be discovered and used, you must be careful about the product before use, find it suitable for your products, in addition, we should correctly understand the effect of cosmetics, skin care products, cosmetics, and skin care products can replace drugs, It cannot treat diseases such as skin diseases.

Moisturizing formulations containing nicotinamide and glycerin have been found to significantly reduce dryness and increase moisture, and this may be an advantage of many nicotinamide skin care products. If it is sensitive skin, or dry skin, when insufficient sebum membrane is not sound or skin tolerability, niacinamide itself irritating to the skin with a greater risk of allergies, which may cause skin allergy symptoms such as redness, itching, tingling, advice immediately stop using, after symptoms disappear, can begin with a low concentration of nicotinamide to use, after being skin gradually, Then use it normally. Nicotinamide can be used for a long time, but it is recommended to use it every day. Proper use of nicotinamide can play a good role in improving the skin.

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