How does the skin absorb effect to nicotinamide?

In our daily life, we often see people using nicotinamide skin care products. What is nicotinamide? What effect is there on the skin? Nicotinamide is a relatively stable multifunctional active ingredient with strong efficacy. It has many effects on the skin.

Nicotinamide in skin care products, is one of the more common ingredients in skin care ingredients is also widely attention in recent years, niacinamide belongs to small molecules, and is very stable, can be mixed with water, it can quickly through the skin cutin layer and absorbed by skin, good absorbency, and nicotinamide to still can rise to whiten and moisturizing skin, brighten skin, anti-aging, desalt splash, It can play a certain role in improving common skin problems, so it is widely used in a variety of skincare products.

Nicotinamide itself has two main effects, one of the effects is to inhibit the production of melanin in the skin, and the other effect is to improve the skin’s antioxidant effect, the former is used more, use to inhibit the production of melanin, to whiten the skin, and then can improve the skin’s dark, yellow and other problems. In addition, nicotinamide can also repair the skin barrier, which can improve the damaged cuticle of the skin. And function. Nicotinamide can be used as skincare or medicine, nicotinic acid can also be used as a drugs synthesis of intermediate substances.

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