Which of our commonly used skin care products are added with cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

As a medical ingredient, nicotinamide has a high safety, and in clinical application, it can play a certain basic vitamin supplement for dermatology, acne, photosensitive dermatitis has a certain effect. Nicotinamide is not only widely used in medicine preparation, but also common in various skin care products.

Nicotinamide used in skin care products, mainly for cosmetic grade nicotinamide, can play the role of whitening, moisturizing, delaying aging, fade spots and so on, in our commonly used emulsion, body milk, hand cream, cream, essence and other products to add use, according to the regulations, add the amount of 2% to 5%. After years of use, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is very high cost performance ingredients, relative to other have the same effect of composition, cosmetic grade nicotinamide price is relatively cheap, readily available, the manufacturer, selection of concentration, the technology is relatively mature, many kinds of function, we need therefore, cosmetic grade nicotinamide can be widely used in all kinds of skincare.

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