What are the multiple skin care effects of nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide is a very popular ingredient in skin care products, commonly used in some skincare brand whitening products, from one hundred to one thousand yuan of whitening essence can often be seen in nicotinamide figures, such as Olay, Pond’s, SKII, L ‘Oreal, JH and other well-known brand products, it is not difficult to find the addition of nicotinamide. What’s the magic ingredient? Why is nicotinamide added to so many skin care products?

Moisturizing and hydrating is the basic effect of most skin care products, in addition, there are whitening, anti-aging, light freckle, and other functions, and nicotinamide has moisturizing and hydrating, whitening and brightening, anti-aging effect, reduce the production of melanin, improve the skin, to meet the needs, beauty consumers.

In these skin care products, the ingredients that can play a whitening role are mostly nicotinamide. Now more and more consumers buying whitening skin care products are also concerned about nicotinamide this ingredient. Although the products contain nicotinamide with excellent whitening effect, the effect of nicotinamide will also be affected by consumers in the way of use, sunscreen measures, personal differences, and other aspects, therefore, it is not the use of nicotinamide is so simple, we should pay attention to some matters of use.

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