Why the skin is easier to absorb nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide has a small molecular weight and is easily absorbed by the skin. It can accelerate skin metabolism, inhibit tyrosinase activity, reduce melanin generation, promote melanin keratinocyte shedding, uniform skin tone, and improve many common skin problems.

High concentrations of nicotinamide can play an anti-aging role in the skin by regulating the balance of levels in the body.

Nicotinamide can help the skin to metabolize aging skin cells, build a better skin cell structure, obtain more collagen, improve fine lines, and make the skin fuller and firmer.

Nicotinamide can help repair skin cells, build skin tolerance, reduce skin irritation from the outside world, and can resist external injuries, therefore, nicotinamide is considered a protective layer for the skin.

Nicotinamide has a good inhibiting effect on acne when the concentration reaches 4%, mainly by controlling and balancing oil secretion to reduce acne but compared to hydroxy acid, it is relatively safe to use.

Nicotinamide can also greatly reduce or eliminate skin problems caused by aging or external damage such as wrinkles, peeling, and enlarged pores, reduce free radical damage to the skin, prevent aging, repair the skin, and reduce facial dullness, in addition, nicotinamide can also promote the blood circulation of hair follicles, prevent hair thinning and hair loss.

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