What kind of skincare ingredient is nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide, as a multifunctional active ingredient, is widely used in today’s cosmetics industry. Many skincare brands at home and abroad have set foot in nicotinamide skin care products. A large number of consumer feedback shows that nicotinamide skin care products have significant skin care effects, and therefore, they are highly regarded in the industry.

Nicotinamide, known simply as VB3, is a particularly important member of the vitamin “family,” an active substance that was discovered in Britain as early as the 1870s. Studies have found that nicotinamide has significant effects on skin whitening, moisturizing, and oil control.

The use of nicotinamide skin care products can accelerate the skin melanocytes exfoliation, at the same time can promote skin metabolism, and have a good effect on skin care.

As an active component, nicotinamide can not only inhibit the formation and deposition of melanin but also reduce the transfer of melanin to surface cells. After being used by a large number of consumers, the whitening effect is significant, so its whitening skin care products are very popular.

The use of nicotinamide skin care products can effectively reduce the wrinkles of the facial skin, at the same time, the skin erythema, spots, sunburn, and so on have a certain dilution effect. For long-term stay up, irregular work and rest, often going outdoors in the sun for people, skin is easy to aging due to lack of care, at this time, the choice of nicotinamide skin care products can delay aging to a certain extent.

Nicotinamide can improve the skin barrier function, lock skin moisture and moisturize the skin. The use of nicotinamide skin care products can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in the skin to a certain extent, and play a role in controlling oil secretion. Therefore, it is very suitable for people with oily skin.

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