How to choose skincare products containing nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide for our skin can not only inhibit the formation of melanin but also reduce the melanin that has been produced, to improve skin quality and whiten the skin from the inside out. In addition, nicotinamide can also reduce wrinkles and fade color spots.

There is an impurity called “niacin” in the nicotinamide component, which is also the main reason why most people experience redness and other allergies when using nicotinamide in high concentrations, which is what we call nicotinamide intolerance. Our bodies don’t grow new hair follicles themselves, but niacinamide promotes cellular metabolism and can stimulate the metabolic rate of the human epidermis, which may stimulate the hair growth rate of users, so it is also used in some shampoos.

Nicotinamide’s main role in skin care is to block melanin transport. It is understood that 5% nicotinamide can improve facial aging, 2%~5% is recognized as the appropriate concentration, and if the concentration is too high, will irritate. When we choose nicotinamide, it is recommended to choose nicotinamide with good purity and high stability. This is because the lower the purity of nicotinamide, the more the content of the impurity niacin will be, and the greater the irritation to our skin.

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