What substances should be avoided to store L-2 aminobutyric acid?

L-2 AMinobutyric acid is a medical intermediate, many of us do not understand, therefore, a simple introduction to it, L-2-aminobutyric acid belongs to the amino acid, the appearance is colorless or white crystalline powder or sheet crystallization, sweet, soluble in water and acetic acid, slightly soluble in ethanol and ether, its molecular formula is C4H9NO2, molecular weight is 103.12, CAS number is 1492-24-6, EINECS is 216-083-3, the boiling point is 215.2±23.0 °C at room temperature and pressure, melting point is 300℃, relative density is 1.105g/cm3, solubility is 22.7g/100mL at 22℃.

In addition to being used as an important medical intermediate, L-2 aminobutyric acid can also be used as a chemical raw material, which is widely used in the field of medicine and the chemical industry. It is used as an important chiral intermediate in the production and preparation of drugs and used as a chemical raw material for the production of a variety of chemical products.

When storing L-2 aminobutyric acid, we suggest that it should be preserved in a sealed seal and away from light. In transportation, it should not be mixed with toxic and harmful substances or mixed storage. In addition, it should also avoid rain and sun exposure.

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