How to quickly test whether the skin is allergic to nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide is a very popular skincare ingredient in recent years. It not only has the effect of whitening and brightening but also can moisturize and control oil, repair the skin barrier and resist oxidation.

Although nicotinamide has multiple skin care effects, different grades of raw materials and different processes get different purity, resulting in some low-purity nicotinamide raw materials may contain a certain amount of niacin, this impurity has a certain irritation effect on the skin, and may cause skin irritation, blood vessel dilation, make the skin redness, some skin allergy phenomenon, therefore, Many people refer to this phenomenon as “nicotinamide intolerance”.

This statement is wrong because it is completely different from “alcohol builds tolerance.” “Establish tolerance” means that continuous use can achieve the purpose of the application, but for “nicotinamide” ingredients, without long-term continuous use can be tolerated, and will not cause allergy, if there are allergic reactions such as redness, itching, or peeling, please stop using immediately.

It is suggested that before the use of nicotinamide, you can try to do a simple skin test, take the right amount of nicotinamide smear behind the ear or the inside of the wrist, observe the use if there is no abnormality, can use normally.

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